As we all know education is the basic foundation for everyone’s successful life and career. Every parent wants to give best and quality education to their child so that he or she can achieve what he or she wants in future. Without proper education, they will not be able to achieve their dreams and live a successful life. As we know the influence of technology in educational field has brought a massive change and helped students to achieve their dreams easily and made their study more practical.

In this twenty-first century, the system and the method of teaching and learning have changed completely. Technology allows teachers and learners to adopt new method towards the developments. In every country teachers and the school, authorities try to change and adopt improved quality education system so that students can give their best product or result. Every school authorities should use their educational resources and materials maximum and have to make their teaching a qualitative one.

In the case of science subject, teachers must use audio-visual aids so that they can make their teaching more effective and students will be able to understand the ideas easily and aptly. By adopting new technologies teachers and staff members can have a good rapport with students and will be able to provide a positive learning environment which will help students to avoid stress and will be able to concentrate on studies without many distractions. In the case of learning teachers also be relieved and will be able to provide a effective and quality teaching. If you continuously use one method of teaching it will make your teaching process boring and students may not show any kind of interest in learning. In such situation, teachers can use a different kind of teaching aids and different kinds of the technological method so that they can involve in different class activities and it will make them stress-free and active in the class.

As our research shows that by adopting new technology while teaching really helped to gain good result and helped to encourage students in the learning process, and also made learning and teaching process easy and quality one. And also helped to reduce the teaching stress and there a change in artificially made up the syllabus. Teachers and students should discuss a particular subject while the class is on. This happens while teaching process and really made the teaching effectiveness and students get real-life experience. When we take all over change the intervention of technology in the field of education has brought a drastic change in every aspect. There was a complete change in student’s performance. Particularly subjects like science and other subjects. This really needs practical experience and the learning should affect to the deep level. With the use of technology and audiovisual devices, the teaching process of such subjects made stress free and it helped the students to avoid the state of confusion.

So in every sense, we can say that the educational system and teaching-learning process has changed completely. This resulted in enhancing the student’s performance and the outcome result was appreciating one. As we all know the coming years for next generation is competitive so every student must be prepared to face the complicated future. If he is not well equipped he may not able to survive and not able to achieve what he wants. So according to new changes we have to adopt it and change our self to achieve our dreams. So you need best quality education and have to perform well in the academic year this is possible only through new technological invention and intervention in the educational field.

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