Our Team

Charan Pattabhi

Charan Pattabhi (Founder) who currently working as a Project Assistant at Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) Bangalore is the Founder of Starry Stories. He is a Vivid Science Writer who aspires to revolutionize the Future of Modern Rocketry and Aerospace technologies. Astronomy, Aeronautics and Drone Technologies are his Area of Interest.

Kannan Naidu

Kannan Naidu (Founder) is a Marketing Strategist at Starry Stories. He completed his Engineering in Aeronautics and holds a Diploma in Mechanical Design.

Satya Ram Mohan

Satya Ram Mohan (Founder) is a Science Communicator and an Author at Starry Stories with Bachelors of Technology  in Aeronautics and Masters of Technology in Remote Sensing and Earth Science as his background. He is a freelance teacher who aspires to inculcate Scientific Temper among the children. His interests lies in Physics, Earth science, Astronomy and Psychology.